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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Wuxi East China Furnace Co., Ltd. has been a go-to choice of clients hailing from the metallurgy industry.
Our Products

Our Products

We offer a highly acclaimed and warmly accepted range of non-ferrous metallurgy solutions.
Why Us

Why Us?

One of the greatest assets of our company has been the innovative streak and the relentless.

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The most innovative, efficient and reliable copper casting solutions and furnace spare parts.

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The whole domain of electrical power transfer owes immensely to copper, whose high conductivity, minimal electronic resistance, malleability and ductility overcame the traditional shortcomings of conventional materials and mad the whole process much simpler. Seeking to provide the most innovative Metal & Copper Casting Machine and Copper Processing Machines, Wuxi East China Furnace Co., Ltd. offers a highly acclaimed range of non-ferrous metal processing machines, Metal Casting Machines and casting wares, whose stellar performance, reliability and durability are in a league of their own.
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